Testimonies of services and products Michele Shay offers. Below are the direct responses of Michele’s work from industry professionals!


“Thank you for your coaching Michele.  It has been really helpful and insightful as well as providing me with a new,more effective way of working.  I felt really connected to it.” -Puja Lamilani- Actress,Producer, Los Angeles


“No matter how big or small the role I always come to Michele for Coaching. Her vision is extraordinary and she communicates it with a depth and clarity unparalleled by any coach or teacher I know.”

-Sanaa Lathan (Actress)




“I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful gift of having more presence.  What I am noticing is that I now feel at home wherever I go. It feels good.”D. Houston Howard, NASA Goddard Space Center

“Thank you for all your help and support with my presence.  I really appreciate your feed back and suggestions and I feel more powerful.” – V. Pearson, NASA Goddard Space flight Center

I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with Michele Shay for the past 5 years and acknowledge her notable contribution to the success of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s award-winning Leadership Alchemy Program.  Michele designed and taught several workshops about leadership presence over the years for almost 80 program graduates.  These graduates principally came from the business, engineering, and scientific skill groups at NASA, with a few from three other Federal Government agencies.
In addition to delivering workshops, Michele coached all 80 participants both in the workshop setting and in private conversations.  She also directed all four classes as they wrote, produced, and presented their graduation skits — an amazing feat because the design process began a day or two before the debut before an audience of senior Goddard managers, peers, supervisors, family, and other interested parties!
Michele employed her considerable coaching and acting skills to help people use their voice, body, and emotions to convey a more powerful message.  The skills people learned, and the masterful coaching they received, significantly increased their self-confidence and their ability to influence and impact others.  Michele’s depth and breadth of knowledge, coupled with her agility, enabled her to meet the program participants where they were and to tailor learning experiences and coaching conversations, to their individual needs.  I look forward to many more years of partnering with Michele Shay.
-Gail S. Williams, Program Manager
Leadership Alchemy Program

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