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What is always going on in the background of everything we do making what transpires so special? It is the constant play of Energy.  Everything- every conversation, thought, word, emotion, intent, action- is all energy in one form or another.  Energy that is being contained or released.   Presence too is a particular kind of energy- the X Factor if you will, that irresistibly draws people’s attention like a magnet.

What possibilities could open in your life right NOW if you knew how to access and augment the impact of your Presence ?  How would it influence the way people experience you, the way you experience yourself?   Imagine learning that and being able to infuse that awareness into your life in as little as an hour!

It has been said that all the world is a stage. Whether you are an actor, athlete, speaker, presenter or business executive,  in any peak performance situation timing is so important. Just imagine that moment when the spotlight is on and the stakes are high –just before you must give the performance of your life, just before the decision makers choose whether you will get the thing you’ve been waiting for, and you are standing there, feeling the future, dangling on a precipice between opportunity and actualization of your dreams- Will you be ready?

Dealing with the discrepancy between where you are and where you want to be can be devastating, even career altering.   Sometimes when you least expect it, a breakdown in congruency can occur between what you think, how you feel and what your body does automatically, even when you are prepared. Can you afford to have that happen to you when it matters most?

When you are looking to move to the next level, you may need help to get these three aspects –mind, body and emotions- to be in alignment so you can effectively accomplish your personal and professional goals.   Michele Shay, an award-winning actress and healer, expertly coaches her clients with powerful time tested tools that combine ancient wisdom with unconventional yet practical code-breaking creative principles practiced by great performers.  She can transform her client’s  ability to take center stage in any aspect of their lives almost immediately.

Whether you are an actor, scientist, engineer, author, singer, speaker, or entrepreneur Michele can liberate your ability to engage and communicate.  She can customize  a program designed just for you that will broaden  your range of expression. While listening deeply to dissolve the personal concerns that get in your way, she can strengthen your ability to generate a deeper connection to your core essence. She can move your focus away from fear into an experience of you own innate natural undiscovered grounded presence and power.  That way if you are an Advocate, for example, about to speak before Congress, someone  needing to confront a difficult boss, or you are a performer  sitting in a hallway across from the only other person auditioning for the same  leading role as you in a  television series, you can feel certain that even under that kind of pressure, when they call your name to take center stage-you will be able to  confidently give the gift of your unique brand of authentic magic with nerve shattering success! Energy matters!

“Alignment is important because energetic alignment removes obstacles to energy flow, which liberates joy and manifestation”~ Meredith Murphy, Author of The Journey to the Revelation of My Soul

Below, you will find information and prices on Michele’s coaching and healing sessions. To Purchase, click on the PayPal link provided and specify which package and price.


“Michele Shay has a unique set of talents. She is a powerful coach, an actress and a healer. She has the ability to stretch her clients out of their comfort zone into whole new areas of bold expression.  She has deep insight into her clients’ personal challenges that keep them from professional success.  Then Michele can support her clients from breakdown to breakthroughs.  Her special ability to bring out people expressions using whole body approaches makes her an invaluable resource to corporate executives.”

-Dr Kanu Kogod, Bridges in Organizations and creator of NASA’s award winning Leadership Alchemy Program,

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$275 ($300 SAVINGS)- Two 30 minute healing treatments and two 75 min coaching sessions.

Give yourself a break from being over worked, over tired, and over stressed TODAY.

**Highly Recommended to reach a optimum creative peak performance state!


I just want to thank you for the time you gave me last Thursday.   The work continues to reverberate in me.  You have amazing gifts and I feel blessed that you chose to share them with me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.Melissa Smith, ACT Conservatory Director,  San Francisco

Treatments work on a muscular, emotional and cellular level to clear the mind, release stress, restore vitality and wellness.

30 minutes            $45.00
60minutes             $85.00

THANK YOU so much for the healing session. I felt very much renewed and possessed an inner strength I had long since forgotten I could achieve. Also I  was in tune with the muses. I wrote a short film shortly thereafter and now I am preparing to shoot it in the coming months — all due in large part to the clarity that was opened to me. Though, I am not yet consistent in meditating and clearing out the muck in my mind and heart, I STILL feel the effects of the wonderful work you did on me. I’d love another session very soon. – Michael Angel, Writer, Los Angeles

90 minute     TLC Fluff  up Treatment & Energy Conservation Self-Care Coaching   $150

Michele’s Healings are powerful and fulfilling. I rush to her whenever I find out she’s in town! Her healings help to open up and relieve any issues I am struggling with, whether it be performance related or a personal life issue. Regardless of what it is, I leave feeling whole and healed! The correlation between the healings and performing are indispensable! Through the healings, I am able to expand my energy and unlock so much that could/is hindering my performance, which makes walking out on stage or onto a movie set soooo much easier, because I’m grounded and available!
-Ciera Payton (Stage, Television & Film Actress/Writer, Los Angels)


Mind/Body Release/Chi Revitalizing Treatment, Energy System of Acting, Training, Core Magic Coaching                                 4 hours     Performer’s special      $500

To Purchase, click on the BUY NOW link provided and specify which package and price. Payment options are available. Please contact Michele for further details.

“Every Actor I know who explores this work (Energy System of Acting) realizes they don’t only need this, they want it.” -Bernard Telsey, Casting Director, Bernard Telsey Casting


I have had the pleasure of doing both an all-day ESA(Energy System of Acting) Workshop and private coaching session with Michele Shay.  What I have learned has been invaluable.  I’ve always known that my “energy” can be used for good or evil.  That is to say, sometimes it’s working for me and sometimes it’s working against me.  But I’ve never understood why this is or how to control it.  The Energy System of Acting teaches you how to tap into your various energy chakras, creating characters that are layered and complex.  It’s no longer about the words or trying to make something happen.  I am so excited by the whole experience.  I know the next time I walk into a room I will be bringing a whole new bag of tricks. – Carol Stoelting, Los Angeles


*On-going Audition prep packages available by request for regular clients

As a singer/songwriter who is very shy on stage I needed help to come out of my shell and reach my full potential as a performer. Michele helped me bring my own unique self out in performances without forcing anything but letting it out naturally. She taught me techniques to make me feel comfortable at any venue I performed in and gave me confidence to move more freely around the stage. I’ve studied w many acting and performance coaches through the years but I’ve definitely seen the most results with Michele. After one private lesson with her I was able to add more choreography to my shows without feeling uncomfortable and I found myself interacting with the audience much more then ever before. It was great not only because I was coming out more on stage but it felt so natural!   –Veronika Jokel, New York

Single Session Signature Laser Coaching to crystallize your X Factor   $197
Signature Laser Coaching + Script Analysis-                                              $600
*Quantum Presence Coaching      Six  75 minute Sessions                       $1,000

*Coaching + Energy System of  Acting Training + bonus Script Analysis (valued at $500)

Activate amazing new levels of inspiration, insight, creativity and self-care TODAY!



   “No matter how big or small the role I always come to Michele for Coaching. Her   vision is extraordinary and she communicates it with a depth and clarity unparalleled by any coach or teacher I know.”

Sanaa Lathan (Actress)


Script consultations are used for pre-rehearsal to prepare a project.  They are often used for one-person shows or film projects, leading roles in a play ,or for speaking engagements and presentation preparation. To receive the maximum benefit of this process the client receives a minimum of  3 to 6 hours.

Sessions can be utilized in the following ways:

1)To assist in the development of a script that is being written

2) Collaborating on role analysis and interpretation in order to deliver a artistic signature performance

3) A combination of the above with coaching support during the rehearsal process

Free 20 minute strategy session
Read & review script
1 hour analysis with client

Free 20 minute strategy session
Read & review script
2 hour  analysis/coaching with client

Read and review script
4-5 hour analysis & coaching with client


Michele Shay is not only an outstanding business woman herself, she is also one of the best coaches I have experienced in gently and firmly guiding one to their desired potential.  As a coach of coaches myself, I know a great coach when I see them in action.  Michele is that.  I would refer anyone to her services and know they are in good hands.
-Carolyn McCormick,




30 minutes                                $150
60 minutes sessions                $350

Actors and Leaders are both called upon to be inspiring. They must be believable and trustworthy.  Their roles in society are different but they both must compel with clarity purpose and alignment. They must deliver stories and narratives that motivate and galvanize people toward action and a future.  Working with texts from literature, scripts and actual presentations Executives will be given opportunities to develop flexibility and spontaneity. Vocal exercises, breath and body work, will be given as well as acting exercises chosen to address the Leadership Presence needs and objectives of the client.


Michele darling—I cannot tell you what an incredible two hours that was for me. You are a goddess, and a seer… (aside from being a great actress and artist and leader of men!) and somehow you managed to shed light on so many things I have been wrestling with.                                                                 -Carey Perloff, Artistic Director ACT , San Francisco




6 in person 2 hour Sessions or 1 day + bonus unlimited phone coaching for six weeks    $1500

“I want to thank you for my experience yesterday – I feel really great – a lot clearer – lighter. Thank you, thank you, thank you- something shifted “E. Richards, Accounting  Exec

3 hours 45 min  Treatment, Energy Conscious  Communication  Training  & Coaching      $500

Activate amazing new levels of action, insight, vision and stress-free relaxation  now!